About Our Kanga Loader Hire

Australian-made mini loaders for wet hire in Townsville.

What We Offer

Kanga Loaders are Australian-made mini loaders. They are fantastic and powerful little machines. Our Kanga Loader Hire is available by the hour, day or week.

While no licence is required to drive a Kanga Loader, we will only hire ours with an operator.

Taking advantage of having an operator means the job gets done quickly saving you time and money.

Being compact, this mini loader fits through smaller spaces where a full-sized loader might not.

Once you commit to hiring the Kanga Loader we will meet you at your job site ready to begin so you don’t have to worry about the transportation of the loader, we take care of that for you.

Kanga Loader Hire Townsville

Wet Hire Only

Please note: Our Kanga Loader is only hired WITH an operator. We do not hire out the Kanga Loader without an operator.

6 Day a Week Hire

Kanga Loader wet hire is available 6 days a week. Our wet hire service is available by the hour, the day or the week.

Attachments Included

We can provide any of the attachments with the hire as listed above.

Kanga Loader Hire Townsville

Kanga Loader Uses

Kanga Loaders come in handy when you need to do jobs like:

Attachments included

Kanga Machine Hire comes with the following attachments: